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Our Story

We established CREAMAGNA CHEMICALS company in 2010 with the aim of making the best use of our 30 years of experience and knowledge in special chemicals. This rebirth in the field where we struggled for many years prepared the necessary energy and ground to take us to the goal we dreamed of. With our technical cooperation with our partners all over the world and our very dynamic staff, we have achieved the vision of becoming a world brand in a short time. This belief and trust in ourselves is our greatest support.

Nihat Keskin
General manager

Aviation NDT CRM Chemistry

Our priorities

  • To produce liquid penetrant and magnetic test chemicals from non-destructive testing materials at the highest quality level in accordance with the standards of our country and developed countries.

  • To inform and raise awareness of our customers in this field.

  • To expand and expand the usage areas, to solve the problems of our industry in this regard.

  • To increase quality and trust in production and maintenance processes.​

  • To ensure the production and delivery of all our requested industrial products in the highest possible quality.

Our Material Quality

Environment and user comfort. We care about both!

We are determined not to use any materials and methods that may harm the environment during production.

We do not intend to compromise on quality in any product group that has been or will be produced under our brand name!

CRM Nature friendly

Vision / Our Goal

Always the environment, always the quality!


In this context, as the Creamagna Chemicals family, we are committed to providing "first class" quality products to its users in all details.
is very proud and happy.

We continue our journey with firm steps, aiming to bring our products to the whole world with the trust and enthusiasm we receive from you, that is, because we produce products that are preferred in many countries. 

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