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    R-Glass is a special product developed for the separation of molten glass in spray glass molding processes without sticking to the mold.

    With the use of R-Glass spray, you can eliminate the need for frequent cleaning of the molds, and you can obtain clean and bright glass products for 2-4 hours with a coating.

    Before using the R-Glass spray, the mold surface must be thoroughly cleaned of oil and dirt, keep the spray can in a horizontal or vertical form, shake it well, then spray it to form a very thin layer by moving your hand to the right and left without piling it on a fixed point from a distance of 10-15 cm, thick coating films
    It causes wrinkles and dullness on the surface. Spraying distance should be adjusted according to summer and winter air temperature, spray closer to the mold in hot weather and a little further away in cold weather,
    In order to make a quality coating, be careful to keep your mold temperature around 70 C by cooling your mold. The coatings you will make at these constant temperatures will provide you with products of equal quality. You can use an IR heat measuring device to measure the mold temperature.

    If you are going to do the coating process on a cold mold, temper your mold for 1 hour between 150 - 200 C after coating, after the mold cools down, polish the surface lightly with the help of a soft and residue-free cloth. After use, keep the aerosol tube upside down and press the button for 1-2 seconds to clean the nozzle. This prevents the nozzle from clogging.

    Ventilate the used areas thoroughly, do not breathe spray vapors, avoid contact with the face and eyes, in case of eye contact, rinse the eyes with clean water and consult a doctor. The box is pressurized, do not open it forcibly, do not puncture the box and do not burn it, do not leave it under direct sunlight for a long time, store in cool and dry areas below 50 C, keep away from children.

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