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  • ROBO WELD anti-burr adhesion ceramic coating provides you with long-term uninterrupted welding, does not form burr rings, prevents the cover gas from tearing, provides oxide-free, high quality and solid welding. With these features, it has a far superior performance than conventional oily anti-burr sticky sprays.

    ROBO WELD anti-burr ceramic coating spray covers the inside of the gas welding torches and the contact tip, preventing burr adhesion for a long time. Adhering burrs are easily removed by shaking or tapping the torch. Do not clean this protective layer with an abrasive and scratching tool, when the coating film is used up, wipe the inside of the torch with a clean cloth and re-coat it.

    Before using the ROBO spray, the torch surface must be thoroughly cleaned of oil and dirt, keep the spray can in a horizontal or vertical form, shake it well, then spray it from a distance of 5-10 cm without piling it on a fixed point, to form a thin layer, thick coating films can be removed from the surface.

    The spraying distance should be adjusted according to the summer and winter air temperature, spray closer to the mold in hot weather and a little further in cold weather, the coating film dries in 10 - 15 seconds at ambient temperature. After use, keep the aerosol tube upside down, press the button for 1-2 seconds and clean the nozzle, thus preventing the nozzle from clogging.

    Ventilate the used areas thoroughly, do not breathe spray vapors, avoid contact with the face and eyes, in case of eye contact, rinse the eyes with clean water and consult a doctor. The box is pressurized, do not open it forcibly, do not puncture the box and do not burn it, do not leave it under direct sunlight for a long time, store in cool and dry areas below 50 C, keep away from children.

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